Unbridled ambitions

Since this world came into ex­istence, We love to rule and to give order. Actually, we love to have power over anything. As if it’s our built-in instinct. To have something unique to rule over for those who don’t have it. Nowadays, what we call it is power. It can be found in all aspects, such as political, economi­cal, territorial, traditional, house­hold, and even within families, more commonly between the elderly and young ones. There is something that makes us feel, as humans, that if we are higher in status, in age, or in race, color, or creed, then we have a right to rule over those who are weaker. Power drives a man crazy, whether it is over money or any po­sition. We all run for it. However, in nature, no one rules. Everyone is on their own, in the hands of the Lord. We are as simple as them; we just have the capability of choosing be­tween right and wrong.

A good example of lust over pow­er is given in the movie Kung Fu Panda 3. Kai, the buffalo, is very eager to have the chi, the spiritual power of every being. In the end, when he gets all of the power, he needs to be the strongest. His body wasn’t able to contain it, and alas, he vanished as if he never existed.

It’s natural that the more power you have and the more responsi­bilities you have, the more unsta­ble you are. The lesser the power, the fewer things you have to con­trol, and the less pressurised you will be, mentally and physically.



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