Why are we Studying History?

By Asjad Ali Almas

It was late midnight when I was preparing for my History’s test. I was just done with it and was going to pack up. When the book was in my hand a question raised in my mind with a hope of new exploration. This was a common one this time that ‘‘Why we are Studying History?’’ Finally I am on the topic today I will tell you the answer of this question.

History specifically targets the events of the past which majorly includes the dynasties, wars and Empires. The minute before has also approached in my History. History is something which cannot be erased but now we can change the future which will be present in the history one day.

History is just for the betterment of us our society! Just take minute to remember the mistakes made by our forefathers. You will remember the past which is history. History has provided us a lot, if we would have cared. To know the personality of the character you have to see his past. History indirectly helps us for a creation of a better relationship.

History awares us from our religion, our culture. If we did not knew anything of history we would be also blanked from our religion and culture.

There’s a lot to also discuss with you but time is too short right now. I want a big sleep now after an article and study of history.

Published in Young Nation Magazine on April 21, 2018

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