ISLAMABAD   -  The Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Emir Sirajul Haq has demanded of the government take practical steps for the release or repatriation of Dr Aafia Siddiqui from the US prison.

While addressing the media here in Islamabad, Siraj ul Haq said that Pakistan should fully explore legal and diplomatic options to secure the release of neuroscientist Dr Aafia.

He maintained that the Prime Minister had made repeated claims to bring Dr Aafia back to Pakistan but promises dissolved in the air like the others Imran Khan made with the nation. 

He said his demand for the release of the daughter of the nation was a reflection of the feelings of millions of Pakistanis.

Sirajul Haq said Dr Aafia was not given a fair trial opportunity in the United States and there were reports that she was tortured by the US forces in the prison.

It was entirely a human rights issue and the government should take up this matter before the International Court of Justice, he said.

He announced the JI would itself knock the door of the international court if the government used further delaying tactics.

The JI, he said, fully backed the peace talks among Afghan groups and between Taliban and the Americans and had also welcomed the agreements between the two sides for release of prisoners.

But, he regretted, Dr Aafia’s name was not mentioned in the agreement which was a matter of grave concern for the Pakistani nation.

He elaborated that since the US had announced withdrawal of its forces from Afghan soil before the end of this year, the government should raise the issue of Dr Aafia release with the Biden administration.

He said the US President should play a role to end violence and hate against the Muslims in the West.