PTI government is finally sent packing by the opposition alliance. Amid all the allegations of incompetence and all its clumsiness, the most severe impact it has left behind is the sharp divide in society. It seems a reasonable chunk of society has fallen to PTI’s populism. Riding on the establishment fanned wave of populism, Imran Khan has left indelible marks on the minds of Pakistani youth within the country and overseas. He enjoys the status of a messiah without whom there is no redemption. Khan has very effectively sown the seeds in the unripe minds of millions that it was only him who could ever be trusted to deliver goods. Once you take populism and hollow sloganeering out of the picture, only unfulfilled promises leave behind.

During Khan’s tumultuous tenure, the most crying issue was economic experimentation. Despite the tall claims of having the ablest group of professionals, PTI miserably failed to bring economic stability leading to prosperity for the masses. Khan’s unceremonious departure is a combination of fatal errors he made himself. Khan’s show is over and if history is any reference, it seems like he is out at least for some time. The biggest and the most pinching question at the moment is who will take the boat to shore. Whoever has hatched this situation, must tell the nation what is next now. Pakistanis regardless of where they live, are at the moment very much concerned about the future of their beloved homeland.