PTI Chairman Imran Khan on Thursday said that I cannot sacrifice my countrymen for a foreign power.

In his address to the Lahore jalsa, the former prime minister said he would announce a future course of action as he was not ready to accept the new government.

Going into the details of why a "foreign conspiracy" was hatched against him, Khan said that the day he came into power, it was his goal to give an independent foreign policy to Pakistan.

"An independent foreign policy means that all the decisions will be made in the interest of the people, he added.

The PTI chairman alleged that the incumbent rulers were always obedient when foreign powers gave them directives but claimed he did not follow suit, so the foreign powers "did not like it".

Khan said that he also resolved to raise the issue of Islamophobia at every international forum — the United Nations, Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, and others — as a strong 1.5 billion Muslim populace was troubled in foreign countries.

"So the foreigners did not like it either," he said.

The third thing that the foreign powers did not like was his attitude of "not taking dictation from anyone". The ousted premier claimed that a foreign power questioned his visit to Russia.

Defending his Russia visit, the PTI chairman said Moscow was ready to provide Pakistan with petroleum products 30% cheaper than international prices.

"We could sell petrol and Fazlur Rehman (diesel) at 30% cheaper rates," the ex-premier said, taking a jibe at the JUI-F chief, who is now part of the ruling coalition.

Khan said importing oil from Russia was in Pakistan's interest. He added that the United States asked India to not import oil from Russia, but New Delhi told Washington that it was in their nation's interest to purchase the commodity from Moscow.

"It means that India's foreign policy is for their countrymen's interests, but our foreign policy is to achieve another country's goals," the PTI chairman said.

The former premier detailed that a gift could be purchased by paying 15 per cent to the Toshakhana during the previous government. The payment rate was increased to 50 per cent during PTI tenure, he added.

“I’d purchased gifts from Toshakhana in a legal way. I had used the Toshakhana money to repair roads instead of putting the financial burden on the national exchequer.”

Imran Khan said, “A foreign power questioned me to tell the reason for Russia’s visit. The gas reserves are ending in Pakistan and Russia offered oil stocks at a 30 percent lesser price. We could have sold petrol and diesel at 30 percent lesser price.”

Imran Khan said that $31 billion in remittances were sent by the overseas Pakistanis during our PTI tenure.