LESCO collects Rs2.90m from 146 defaulters

LAHORE   -   The La­hore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) recov­ered more than Rs2.90 million from 146 chron­ic defaulters in all its five districts - Lahore, Sheikhupura, Nankana Sahib, Kasur and Okara - on the 202nd day of its recovery campaign.

A LESCO spokesman told the media persons here on Saturday that on the 202nd day, SE (Super­intending Engineer) Nis­ar Sarwar recovered out­standing dues of Rs0.64 million from 25 default­ers in Northern Circle; SE Umar Bilal recovered Rs0.58 million from 20 defaulters in Eastern Cir­cle; SE Shabbir recovered Rs0.13 million from 18 defaulters in Central Cir­cle; SE Zafarullah Saang­hi collected Rs0.05 mil­lion from 03 defaulters in South Circle; SE Mu­hammad Hussain recov­ered Rs0.10 million from 07 defaulters in Nankana Circle; SE Najamul Has­san recovered Rs0.29 mil­lion from 22 defaulters in Sheikhupura Circle; SE Jamshed Zaman collect­ed Rs0.63 million from 21 defaulters in Okara Circle and SE Ahmed Shahzad Chughtai recovered Rs0.48 million from 30 defaulters in Kasur Circle.

During the 202 days, the spokesman added that the LESCO has recovered a total of Rs2.87 billion outstanding dues from 100,267 dead defaulters. He elaborated that uptill now the company has col­lected Rs424.75 million from 14,573 defaulters in Northern Circle; Rs671.95 million from 12,970 de­faulters in Eastern Circle; Rs380.39 million from 11,223 defaulters in Cen­tral Circle; Rs159.07 mil­lion from 5,887 defaulters in South Circle; Rs232.43 million from 8,666 de­faulters in Nankana Cir­cle; Rs423.77 million from 11,728 defaulters in Sheikhupura Circle; Rs185.84 million from 16,029 defaulters in Oka­ra Circle and Rs396.01 million from 19,191 de­faulters in Kasur Circle.

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