MoU signed to support digital literacy, women empowerment in rural areas

HYDERABAD   -   A memorandum of understanding (MOU) was signed between Sindh University’s Abida Taherani Sindh Development Studies Center and 110 Innovative SMC Pvt Limited on Saturday to support digital literacy, community based communication, women’s empowerment and environmental awareness. According to SU’s spokesman, under that partnership the students would get access to comprehensive digital literacy training which would equip them with the necessary skills for the digital age. He said that community based communication workshops would be conducted to train the trainers so that they could help foster better dialogue and understanding within the rural areas. He added that women’s empowerment programs were also on the agenda, aiming to uplift and support women in various capacities in order to contribute to overall societal progress. The spokesman said one of the highlights of the collaboration was the emphasis on environmental awareness campaigns.

 He added that while keeping in view the pressing global issues of climate change, those campaigns would play a crucial role in promoting sustainable practices and fostering environmental stewardship within communities.

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