ISLAMABAD - At a time when the widespread torrential rains and subsequent floods across the country have claimed around 650 lives and left lakhs of people homeless, the political parties are seemingly more inclined to settle the scores with their opponents.

The political war of words has now visibly converted into a political vendetta as Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf [PTI] and the parties in Pakistan Democratic Movement [PDM] have started a series of raids in the houses of political opponents by using their provinces’ forces.

The Punjab police’s move to raid the residences of PML-N lawmakers was decried as an act of ‘revenge’ by the ruling party [PML-N]. At the same time, PTI’s senior leader Asad Umar termed the raid on his house as political vendetta. This act of raid at the opponents’ houses seems to increase in the days to come, political pundits predict.

Former prime minister and PTI chief Imran Khan, while rejecting dialogue with the coalition government, claims a conspiracy is being hatched to pit his party and the Army against each other. Albeit Khan has been summoned by the Election Commission of Pakistan in a contempt case and prohibited funding case separately, yet he was seen claiming in his recent remarks he could not be disqualified in any case. His denial to be answerable to FIA is another story.

On the other hand, the federal government despite the economic challenges is determined to complete its tenure at any cost. The Speaker National Assembly is reportedly blamed for taking the consent of PDM for not accepting the resignations of PTI MNAs.

The recent petition of PML-N, against the nomination papers of Imran Khan in nine NA constituencies, is likely to be another jolt for PTI as already Khan’s papers have been rejected and challenged at some constituencies.

The panacea in this political tussle is often stated as fresh polls in the country, but unfortunately both the sides are not on the same page over how and when to conduct the polls. The PTI is still insisting on conducting the fresh elections through Electronic Voting Machine [ECP], while the incumbent government has recently reversed this bill through the parliament.

PTI Chief Imran Khan in all of his speeches has demanded fresh polls in the country as early as possible. With other allies, AML chief Sheikh Rashid Ahmed also said that free, fair and transparent early elections would be the solution to all problems being faced by the country.

Whereas, his opponents have claimed that Imran Khan was not serious in the elections as he could compel the government for fresh elections by using the political weapon of en-bloc resignations from Punjab Assembly and KP Assembly.

Political observers believe that the political temperature in the country will not drop down even after the announcement of conducting fresh polls. “Though political tussle is a beauty of democracy, the ongoing worst crisis is not favourable for the country,” they said suggesting that the government and the opposition should be on the same page over national issues.