ROME    -    Little Women star Florence Pugh is known for her “raspy voice” and it’s because of her rare medical condition “Tracheomalacia” that impacted her “breathing”. According to Independent report, the Oscar nominee reflected on her illness and its impact on her childhood on a reality television series Running Wild With Bear Grylls on Monday’s episode.  “We were in Spain because I have a breathing issue, and when I was younger they kind of just advised that a hotter climate would be better, so my family moved to Spain,” disclosed the 26-year-old. The Don’t Worry Darling actress continued, “I have asthma and I have this thing called tracheomalacia as well. And so from a young age, I’ve just had a different breathing system.” “Now as an adult, unless I get ill, it doesn’t really affect me as intensely as it did when I was younger,” explained the Black Widow star.

 Pugh mentioned that it’s for lifetime and therefore, she “makes sure to take precautions to keep herself away from respiratory problems”.

Meanwhile, on the personal front, the actress confirmed her breakup with Scrubs actor Zach Braff after three years of dating per Harper’s Bazaar.