ISLAMABAD - A large number of aesthetes from the twin cities Islamabad and Rawalpindi thronged exhibition “Naghma-e-Sada” at Tanzara art gallery to witness the spectacular display of Islamic calligraphic work.

The exhibition, organized with an aim to spread renowned poets’ inspirational messages among the youth through visual arts of calligraphy, started on August 18 (Thursday) and would continue till September 1. In the exhibition, the profound and inspirational messages of Faiz and Rumi have been translated through the artist’s sensibility to create glorious compositions in ‘Siyah Mashq,’ a style of Persian calligraphy that was originally used by calligraphers many years ago in Iran as a tool of practice. ‘Siyah’ means rough and ‘Mashq’ means practice.

The exhibition mesmerized the visitors with the ambiance of unique paintings displayed on the walls.  Later, renowned calligrapher Shah Abdullah Alamee left the visitors spellbound with his live performance. Talking to APP, Alamee said calligraphy was a branch of art through which people expressed their feelings.

“Islamic calligraphy is the heritage of the Muslims and is an expression of Muslims’ immense love for Qur’an and Hadith,” he noted.

He said that Pakistan produced many famous calligraphers, who bagged great acclaim all over the world for their masterpieces. A few names to mention were Sadequain, Elahi Bakhsh Mati, Khawaja Muhammad Hussain and many other Presidential Award winners.