ISLAMABAD - PTI Chief Imran Khan Saturday said that he does not have any information about the reports of a possible extension being given to Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa adding that he is focusing on the organisation of PTI at the moment. In an interactive session with social media influencers at his Bani Gala residence here, Imran linked the prevailing political situation in Pakistan to the appointment of a new chief of army staff.

Imran Khan while terming it unfortunate that said everything and every development in the country was happening over just one appointment.

The former prime minister and PTI chief said that the new army chief should be appointed on the basis of merit.

“A drama begins on the appointment of the army chief which does not happen in any part of the world,” commented the PTI chief when asked by one participant.

Imran Khan said that the Army cannot unite a country single-handedly, and there are other factors and elements involved in the integrity of the country. “If the Army could only unite the country, Pakistan would not have been divided” in 1971”, Khan remarked. In response to another question, Imran Khan said, “neutrals” cannot pressurise the PTI to accept what he called “mafia government”.

He rejected the reports of any possible deal with the government and said he cannot accept any dialogue with the coalition government.

“I would not talk to corrupt people, to sit and talk with corrupt people is tantamount to accepting their corruption”, he remarked.

He termed PTI as the national party which, he said, is the only national level political party and would not take any decision which was not in the national interest.

Responding to another question, he said immediate and transparent elections are the only way to stabilise the prevailing situation in Pakistan.

When asked about party tickets for next general elections, he said that he will take the decision on the awarding of tickets himself.

About the Punjab political situation, he said, “We took the Punjab government back so we could remove Hamza Shahbaz as the chief minister of the province”.

PEMRA bans Imran’s live speeches on TV channels

PTI chief says new army chief should be made on merit n Says he doesn’t have information about extension to Gen Bajwa n Army cannot unite a country single-handedly n Urges ‘neutrals’ to stand with people instead of ‘thieves’ n PTI to register cases against Islamabad IG, DIG, female magistrate, over Gill’s case n Terms govt’s ‘charter of economy’ a big fraud

The PTI chief said that a conspiracy is being hatched to pit the party and the Army against each other, and warned that there will be bloodshed in the country in case any clash takes place.

He termed the alleged torture on Shahbaz Gill as a classic example of fascism.

When a participant asked about the proposed “charter of economy” by the government, he termed it a big fraud adding that the ruling coalition leaders should bring back their foreign properties and looted money if they want a charter of economy.

Later, addressing a rally at the F-9 Park to support his Chief of Staff, Shehbaz Gill, here, Imran urged the “neutrals” to stand with the people and justice instead of “thieves”, referring to government leaders.

“I want to tell my neutrals that this is a problem of Pakistan… It’s imperative for you to stand with people and justice instead of thieves,” he said.

He also questioned the conduct of the ‘establishment’, saying, “Are you really neutral as you told us we are neutral when foreign conspiracy was being hatched and you refused to interfere”.

Imran said when they approached the Islamabad police and Adiala Jail authorities to inquire as to who was involved in torturing Gill, “They told us that they were receiving orders from the top.”

Imran also announced that the party would register cases against IG and DIG of Islamabad Police and magistrate who granted physical remand of Gill despite the fact that he was subjected to torture. “We are also going to the Supreme Court against this brutality as it’s the duty of the Supreme Court to uphold the rule of law and ensure its implementation,” he added.

Imran said the alleged torture on Gill is a show of power by those who think they are above the law. The PTI took out a rally in Islamabad from Zero Point to F-9 Park in support of incarcerated leader Shahbaz Gill, who the party said subjected to “gruesome torture” in police custody. Former prime minister and PTI Chairman Imran Khan led the rally to record a protest against “blatant fascism prevalent under the imported regime”.

While questioning who tortured Gill, Imran without specifically naming anyone, stated that “there is a general perception in the public at large and in our minds too as to who could have carried out the gruesome torture”, warning “remember the public will react”. Subsequently, Imran vowed to leave “no stone unturned to find out those who are responsible and bring them to justice.”

Imran started his address by claiming that “terror is being spread among the people to make them slaves.”

The former prime minister said it was a “decisive” and “very important” time for the nation, adding that if the nation cowed before “this idol of fear” then it would be slavery for it.


Meanwhile, taking notice of the contents of PTI Chief Imran Khan’s speeches, the PEMRA has banned broadcasting of his speeches on electronic media, says a notification issued late Saturday night.

It said that however, Imran’s recorded speech would only be permitted to be aired after effective delay mechanism is put in place in order to ensure effective monitoring and editorial control in conformity with the PEMRA laws.

The PEMRA also directed all satellite TV channels to ensure that an impartial and independent editorial board be constituted as required under clause 17 of the Electronic Media (programmes advertisement) Code of Conduct 2015 in order to ensure that their platform is not used by anyone for uttering remarks in any manner which are contemptuous and against any state institution and hateful, prejudicial to law and order situation in the country.

In case of any violation, a legal action will be taken as per PEMRA laws, it said.