PPP leaders visit multiple churches to express solidarity with Christians

LAHORE   -  Paki­stan Peoples Party (PPP) La­hore President Chaudhry Mu­hammad Aslam Gill, following PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s guidance, visited mul­tiple churches in Lahore on Sunday to show solidarity with the Christian community. Gill strongly condemned the recent incident in Jaranwala and reaf­firmed PPP’s unwavering sup­port for their Christian brethren. During the visit, candles were lit and special peace prayers were held at Marry Maghlin’s Church and the Church of Pakistan. Ac­companying Gill were Advin Sahotra and other PPP lead­ers. Bishop Salim Sultan, at the Church of Girja Chowk, Lahore Cantt., praised Chairman Bila­wal Bhutto Zardari’s efforts and conveyed his best wishes.

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