Showing solidarity, Punjab cabinet meets at ransacked church

CM Mohsin Naqvi approves Rs2m assistance for each owner whose house set on fire in Jaranwala incident n Construction, repair of two damaged churches complete n Mohsin Naqvi lauds peace committee members for promoting peace after the incident.


LAHORE  -  Caretaker Punjab Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi on Sunday reached Jaranwala along with all provincial ministers to show complete solidari­ty with the Christian community.

The chief minister and the mem­bers of his cabinet reached AEC Church by sitting in the same coach and participated in the prayer cere­mony of the Christian community. 

For the first time in the history of Punjab, Caretaker Punjab Chief Min­ister Punjab Mohsin Naqvi presided over the provincial cabinet meeting inside the church to express com­plete solidarity with the Christian community. All provincial ministers, advisers, Chief Secretary, Inspector General of Police, Additional Chief Secretary (Home), concerned secre­taries and senior officials were pres­ent in the church. 

The Chief Secretary presented a one-point agenda of the Provincial Cabinet. The cabinet unanimously approved the grant of financial as­sistance amounting to Rs 2 million each for the owners of the houses set ablaze in the Jaranwala incident. Mohsin Naqvi announced that the fi­nancial assistance cheques will reach the owner of every house whose house has been put to flames in the Jaranwala incident within 48 hours. 

The CM apprised that construction and restoration of two church hous­es of Jaranwala had been completed while construction and restoration of other church houses will soon be completed with the consent of Chris­tian community. The CM stated that the real purpose of coming here was to equally share the grief of the Chris­tian community, adding that we will fulfill our promise to provide jus­tice to the affected people. A special prayer was made in the church for the integrity, stability, progress, prosper­ity of the people, and for unity and solidarity of the country and the na­tion. On the occasion, Mohsin Naqvi remarked that Pakistan is of every Pa­kistani and Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and Hindus are all one. “We will put every oppressor to his logical end, and we are standing with every op­pressed person”, he said. 

According to the direction of the CM, construction and repair of one more church along with Association of Evangelical Churches (AEC) Church has been completed and both the churches will be opened for prayers after renovation. Provincial Ministers Senator Kamran Michael, Khalil Tahir Sindhu, Bishop Azad Marshall, Church Priest Saleem Arif, notable personali­ties of the Christian community, Com­missioner Faisalabad, RPO, CPO, Dep­uty Commissioner were also present on the occasion. 

Mohsin Naqvi while addressing the Christian community at the Jaran­wala church stated that it was gov­ernment’s promise that justice will definitely be provided and the whole team was working for the provision of justice. Two churches have been fully restored, he added. 

Mohsin Naqvi apprised that the Secretary C&W had already started his work yesterday and this work has been completed today. 

“I may have to come 10 times and all the churches will be restored. We make a solemn promise with you to provide justice”. Mohsin Naqvi high­lighted that the religion of Islam also taught us tolerance. 

He said that the letter written by the Holy Prophet SAW to the Chris­tian community has been published in all newspapers yesterday. 

“The letter written by the Holy Prophet SAW to the Christian com­munity is a beacon light for us. In the light of the letter written by the Holy Prophet SAW to the Christian community, we have to take com­plete care of the Christian communi­ty till the Day of Judgement. The or­der which the Holy Prophet SAW has given is the highest order for us. We have held the Cabinet meeting inside the church”, he observed. 

Also, CM Mohsin Naqvi along with the provincial ministers visited the relief camp being established for the affected Christian families at Danish School Jaranwala. He met with the affected Christian families, consoled them and assured them provision of justice. Mohsin Naqvi talked with the Christian families and listened to their problems. The chief minister assured that the damages of the af­fectees will soon be redressed.

Later, the chief minister reached Jamia Masjid Sabri in Jaranwala and met with the Members of Peace Committee, Ulema of all schools of thought and with notable personali­ties belonging to other religions. He lauded the efforts of the Members of Peace Committee for maintain­ing peace after the Jaranwala inci­dent. Mohsin Naqvi underscored that those responsible for the Jaranwala tragedy will be awarded strict pun­ishment according to law adding that this incident has tarnished the image of Quaid-e-Azam’s peaceful Pakistan. “The religion of Islam has given a les­son of dealing nicely with the minori­ties. We all have to jointly redress the grief and grievances of the Christian community”, he said.

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