Thousands evacuated in Kasur, Chunian as Sutlej surges to high level

Rescue operations underway in parts of Punjab: Three drown in floodwater in Kasur trying to find higher ground

KASUR/CHUNIAN  -  Rescue and evacuation oper­ation were underway in parts of Punjab on Sunday with Sut­lej continued to witness high to very high level flood at two points. Sutlej surged to “ex­tremely high levels” at Ganda Singh Wala Barrage on Satur­day, resulting in the evacuation of hundreds of families from 72 villages in Kasur and Chunian, while three people drowned in floodwater in Kasur while trying to find higher ground.

The flood level in the river at Ganda Singh Wala reduced to very high on Sunday, according to 6pm update by the Flood Fore­casting Division (FFD). The divi­sion also reported a high-level flood at Sulemanki Headworks, in line with the FFD’s yesterday forecast. Meanwhile, the Provin­cial Disaster Management Au­thority (PDMA) in Punjab said in a statement that the water level in Sutlej was decreasing in Gan­da Singh Wala whereas it was increasing at Sulemanki Head­works. However, the flow of wa­ter in the river at Islam Head­works was “normal”, it added.

According to the PDMA, low-ly­ing areas of Kasur, Okara, Pak­pattan, Vehari, Bahawalnagar, Multan and Lodhran were facing floods and the local administration in these areas has been put on high alert.

“Arrangements for setting up flood re­lief centres in these areas have been completed while evacuations are under way,” the statement said.

Earlier on Sunday, the PDMA in Pun­jab said 56 locations in the Okara dis­trict were expected to be affected by the flood. According to a statement issued by Lahore Commissioner Muhammad Ali Randhawa’s office, a total of 23,364 indi­viduals from flood-affected areas in Ka­sur were rescued and shifted to safe lo­cations on Sunday.

“Teams have rescued 15,800 animals, established 13 flood relief camps, 11 medical camps and 4 livestock camps,” the statement said, adding that all depart­ments were operational at Talwar Post at Ganda Singh Wala. and the flood situation was being monitored continuously.

A separate statement by his office said rescue and relief operations had been accelerated in the riverine/ flood-affect­ed areas of Kasur.

The Kasur deputy commissioner and district police officer were monitoring relief activities in the area while the La­hore commissioner’s office was “contin­uously monitoring the situation in the Sutlej River”, the statement said.

It quoted Randhawa as saying that res­cue teams were present in villages at­tached to the river and backup rescue and relief teams were on standby.

“Provincial and district authorities, along with other organisations, are ac­tively engaged in providing assistance and relief day and night,” he added.

The commissioner said 15 villages in Kasur had been evacuated and eight police checkpoints had been estab­lished for the protection of evacuated residents.

He added that 93 rescue boats and three teams were active in flood-affect­ed areas of Kasur while dumpers and trollies had reached the district from Lahore.

Earlier, a statement issued by Res­cue 1122 authorities in Multan said its teams remained engaged in rescue ser­vices in Okara, Pakpattan and Vehari.

The teams in these three districts were conducting rescue activities under the supervision of relevant district emer­gency officers, the statement said, add­ing that three boats and 21 rescuers were participating in the operations.

“The rescue operation is under way and teams dispatched from Multan had moved several people, including women and children, to safe locations,” the state­ment said, adding that animals were also being shifted from the affected areas.

Separately, a statement issued by the office of Punjab Relief Commissioner Na­beel Javed said he had directed local ad­ministration officials to stay in the field.

He warned them of action in case of “negligence” and said that all relevant departments should stay alert to ensure the protection of people’s lives and prop­erties. The official directed the provision of food, shelter, water, medicines and other necessary items to affected citi­zens should be ensured.

The statement said citizens could con­tact the PDMA on their 1129 helpline in case of an emergency situation.


Following the directions and forecast from Flood Forecast Division, the gov­ernment departments concerned have evacuated over 76,000 people including men, women and children from areas ly­ing near banks of Sutlej River passing through Bahawalpur division.

Official sources said that Sutlej Riv­er had received medium to high flood after India had released more water into the river. 

A significant flood warning for Sutlej River issued by the Flood Forecast Di­vision, Pakistan Meteorological Depart­ment, Government said that according to the available information and hydro-me­teorological conditions, Sutlej River at Ganda Singh Wala and downstream is likely to attain medium to high flood.

Commissioner, Bahawalpur Division, Ehtsham Anwar said that the division­al management was engaged round the clock to evacuate people to safe areas from the areas lying near the banks of Sutlej River which has received medium to high flood. “There is medium to high flood in Sutlej River and we have been continuing efforts to evacuate people to safe areas from the villages lying near banks of Sutlej River passing through Bahawalnagar and Bahawalpur districts and other areas,” he said. 

He said that the government had also been providing facility to people to evacuate their cattle to safe areas in view of flood situation.

Meanwhile, official sources said that rescue and relief camps had been set up in areas lying near banks of Sutlej riv­er so that emergency aid could be ex­tended to people if they were affected by flood like situation.

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