Naqvi opens upgraded Mayo Children’s Hospital

LAHORE   -   Punjab Caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi, ac­companied by children Masooma Fatima and Ibrahim suffering from kidney disorders, inaugurated the upgraded Mayo Children’s Hospi­tal, here on Tuesday. 

The upgradation of Mayo Chil­dren’s Hospital has been complet­ed in record time, showcasing ex­ceptional speed and quality. The hospital’s bed capacity has been increased to 360 beds. 

The CM inspected various wards of the state-of-the-art hospital and commended the high-quality work of the upgradation. The Sec­retary Communication and Works provided a briefing on the project, while the Secretary Health high­lighted the improved treatment facilities.

Talking to media persons af­ter the inauguration, Mohsin Naq­vi stated that the first phase of the upgradation, totalling 360 beds, has been completed. The Mayo Children’s Hospital was part of the Mayo Hospital Upgradation Plan, which has a total cost of Rs10 bil­lion. He mentioned that Mayo Hos­pital currently has 2,484 beds and 1,763 doctors, and human resource problems have been addressed by Secretary Health Ali Jan. 

CM Naqvi praised the hard work of the entire team involved in the upgradation, especially acknowl­edging the Department of Com­munication and Works, Secretary Sohail Ashraf, and XEN Maryam for their dedicated efforts. He also applauded the commitment of professors, doctors, and staff at Mayo Children’s Hospital.

He highlighted that the malfunc­tioning CT scan machine at Mayo Hospital, inactive since 2017, has been repaired and made function­al. Additionally, necessary ma­chinery and equipment have been provided, including the procure­ment of elevators for Mayo Chil­dren’s Hospital and other hospi­tals. He mentioned the completion of upgradation for 104 hospitals, including 32 teaching hospitals, as well as the construction, repair, and maintenance of 104 highways. Naqvi announced that the detailed performance report of the entire year will be shared with the media in the coming days.

Regarding former Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif, Naqvi expressed respect and acknowledged his vast experience and contributions. He thanked Sharif for appreciating the government’s speed of work. 

Responding to a question about cricket, Naqvi emphasised the need to separate politics from the sport, stating that politics has damaged cricket. He expressed optimism for the improvement of cricket in the future.

Regarding the Ameer Balaj mur­der case, Naqvi assured that the accused has been apprehended, and efforts are underway to iden­tify the mastermind.

CM inaugurates sports gym of Police Training College

Punjab Caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi on Tuesday inaugu­rated the sports gymnasium of Po­lice Training College Lahore and directed to arrange the latest exer­cise machines in the gym while in­specting the facilities provided for the trainee policemen.

In his address to the trainees, the CM advised them to uphold in­tegrity and pursue lawful means of livelihood. He emphasised that those who earn through lawful means would find blessings and abundant sustenance provided by Allah Almighty. Expressing con­fidence, he stated that trainees could earn respect and honor by choosing a lawful livelihood and urged them to work diligently for their force.

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