Patriotic resurgence

Patriotism generally refers to the love that people feel for their country. It is this love that fosters hardworking and creative minds dedicated to a particular nation, contributing to its endur­ing development. Unfortunately, in recent years, Pakistan has expe­rienced a partial decline in patrio­tism due to various factors.

The era of uncertainty and the partial decline in patriotism pri­marily emerged on April 11, 2022, following the successful no-confidence motion against the former prime minister. The post-development of the no-confi­dence motion fuelled political in­stability when former lawmakers resigned, and two provincial as­semblies were subsequently dis­solved by the PTI founder.

This also triggered economic in­stability and the looming threat of default. Simultaneously, wan­ing patriotism took root, leading to excessive brain drain. Anoth­er significant cause of the partial erosion of patriotism is the lim­ited rights granted to underpriv­ileged provinces like KPK and Balochistan. Their issues often go unheard and consequently unad­dressed. The recent wheat crisis in Gilgit Baltistan (GB) sheds light on the unresolved issues of neglect­ed regions. Conversely, the mock­ery of a level playing field and the ruthless crackdown on PTI lead­ers further fuelled a sense of be­trayal among Pakistanis, particu­larly the youth.

In this context, Pakistanis need to realize that they have a minia­ture heaven in the form of Pakistan, formed through countless sacrific­es of our elders. It is our primary responsibility to love and take good care of our beloved homeland.

We must remember that patrio­tism exponentially helps nations choose the path of lasting devel­opment. For instance, Japan expe­rienced a strong sense of national unity and shared purpose, aid­ing its economic empowerment. Similarly, South Korea achieved economic success through a pro­longed period of shared national goals and cultural values.

Likewise, the state also plays a crucial role in promoting patri­otism. It needs to treat all its cit­izens equally, whether they are Baloch or Punjabi. There is a dire need to endorse national unity by highlighting shared values, cul­ture, and achievements.

The state should also improve governance, invest in educa­tion, empower local communi­ties, promote economic develop­ment, and engage the diaspora. These steps will significantly bol­ster patriotism among Pakistanis, opening innumerable options for Pakistan to attain peace, prosper­ity, and long-term development. “Long Live Pakistan!”



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