Youth empowered

Involving youngsters in work means jeopardizing the devel­opment of a brighter future for a country. As inflation is accelerat­ing rapidly, people are grappling with numerous problems, such as poverty, child labor, and ille­gal activities. Poverty itself is a life confiscator, impacting children mentally, physically, socially, and morally. It disconnects children from their childhood because pov­erty leaves no options except be­ing a laborer. Being involved in poverty means having no inde­pendent life.

Most importantly, children are often physically violated when working under strict owners. They frequently face unbearable abuses from their seniors. Last but not least, children are some­times forced into illegal activities, such as selling drugs. As children, nobody doubts them; therefore, they provide drugs door to door. When child safety is not priori­tized, a nation never progresses. If a nation doesn’t head towards de­velopment, the growth of a coun­try will be halted. Children can be saved from poverty, child labor, and illegal work through educa­tion. Education is a source of root­ing out this exacerbation because it provides awareness about vari­ous issues.

Therefore, the Global Islam­ic Public School (GIPS) is offering scholarships for talented students from poor backgrounds. There are almost eighty private schools in Hub City. If they take the same ini­tiatives as GIPS, more children will be in schools than in industries, and the future of Pakistan would be brighter. The development of Pakistan depends on these chil­dren, who are future leaders. Save kids and save Pakistan! 



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