Polluted water can cause disease outbreak in Thal

NOORPUR THAL- The Environment Protection Agency has said the water supplied to different villages of the Thal is highly contaminated and unfit for drinking which might cause gastro and other water-borne diseases outbreak.
During a survey conducted by The Nation, it is learnt that among such diseases is hepatitis, which spreads due to polluted and unhygienic water, posing a serious health hazard in different villages of Tehsil Noorpur Thal.
Although a large number of residents of villages included Bambool, Shah Hussain, Dadoowala, Borana Wala, Nawan Saggu and Nikroo Shaheed, have been hit by the fatal disease, the departments concerned seems to be least bothered to take remedial steps and stops the spread of hepatitis. The inhabitants of these areas fell down victim to infelicitous diseases because of drinking unhygienic water.
According to health experts, Dr Mian Muhammad Tahir and Dr Muhammad Amir Umer, poor sanitation and unavailability of pure and safe drinking water are the main causes behind the spread of hepatitis.

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