LOS ANGELES - Laura Linney is all set to  be honoured with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame  on July 25, as per Variety. Linney was recently featured in Netflix popular series Ozark in which she played a sideline role Wendy Byrde alongside Jason Bateman. While speaking to Independent, the 58-year-old revealed, “I had no problem being a sideline to Jason Bateman under any circumstances.” She further elaborated on adding more depth to her character, saying, “I just wanted to make sure that sideline was interesting.”

If I was going to commit to a multi-year endeavour, I would need to be able to bring something to it that would keep me engaged. If you have just one character that never changes, you can become subconsciously disinterested and start to detach,” she mentioned. For the unversed, Linney earned Oscar nominations for her role in You Can Count On Me and The Savages. Meanwhile, the actress is also known for her role in 2003 rom-com movie Love Actually in which she starred opposite Hugh Grant and Liam Neeson.