LAHORE - Senior Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Yasmin Rashid Wednesday alleged that PTI Punjab Assembly members were receiving calls to change their loyalties in the upcoming chief minister’s election.

“PTI members including the newly-elected ones are being offered Rs 250-500 million each to change their loyalties”, she said while talking to the media outside the Election Commission of Pakistan office here.

She further alleged that Asif Ali Zardari who was sitting in Lahore was all active in purchasing members with looted money. “He has destroyed Bhutto’s party and now wants to steal the mandate of the people”, she remarked.

Commenting on the issue of horse trading Yasmin said: “If the Election Commission and the courts had disqualified the deviant members for life instead of de-seating them, we don’t have to face the situation of horse trading again today. An application has been filed in the Election Commission to take notice of the purchase and sale of members”.  “Today, with Zardari’s presence in Lahore on this important occasion and Rana Sanaullah’s irresponsible statements, nothing can be more painful for democracy.


The beauty of democracy is that there should be fair and transparent elections in the country. A fair and transparent election forms the best foundation for democracy”, she further stated.

Addressing Rana Sanaullah, Yasmeen Rashid said: “Rana Sanaullah! keep in mind that people have risen, we will drag you down to the streets”.

Urging the election commission to play its role in halting horse trading, she said the Chief Election Commission had been asked to take notice of the opening of a market for horse trading of the members. To a question, she said that the Election Commission had assured that the notification of the newly-elected members of the Assembly will be issued by Thursday (Today).

Giving a call for protest Yasmin Rashid said, “Tonight, the people of Lahore will protest at Liberty Chowk at eight o’clock. This protest will be against Asif Ali Zardari”.

Answering a question about horse trading’s impact on country’s politics and economy, she said that if they try to steal people’s mandate overnight, the situation will lead to anarchy and chaos.