A bench of the Supreme Court of Pakistan on Thursday adjourned hearing of PTI plea seeking contempt of court case against Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah for indefinite period.

Earlier, PTI counsel Faisal Chaudhry read a transcript of the statement of Rana Sana before a two-member bench of the apex court headed by Justice Ijazul Ahsan.

“The federal minister has issued a statement of making our lawmakers disappear in the chief minister’s election in Punjab”, PTI counsel said.

“Our MPA Masood Majeed’s loyalty was bought with 400 million rupees and he was smuggled to Turkey,” PTI lawyer said. ” A PML-N woman Raheela came into touch with our three MPAs, Ata Tarar offered 250 million rupees to each of them,” counsel claimed. “What was the date when Raheela talked to your MPAs,” Justice Muneeb Akhtar questioned. “Where is the original affidavit,” the judge further asked.

“Original affidavit has been in Lahore,” counsel Faisal Chaudhry said. “I am sorry but it means even you don’t know about it,” Justice Akhtar said. “All three affidavits have same script,” he added.

“How our order of July 1st violated,” Justice Ijazul Ahsan asked.

PTI counsel pleaded to the court to take suo moto notice against Ata Tarar and Raheela. “It is the mandate of the Chief Justice,” Justice Muneeb Akhtar said. “It will be a criminal offence if the people picked with the help of the state machinery,” Justice Ahsan remarked. “When this offence take place, it will be contempt,” he said. “We could not perceive a crime before it took place,” he added.