ISLAMABAD - Harmful chemicals are posing a serious threat to human survival thus endangering global environment, said Ijaz Ahmad Qureshi, Secretary Ministry of Environment here on Friday. He was presiding over the inauguration ceremony of the national consultative workshop on 'Obligation and implementation status of Pakistan on chemicals-related environmental treaties', Organised by the Ministry of Environment. He stated that chemicals were everywhere around human beings. "Many of them especially pesticides, have strong tendency of causing harm hence should be used cautiously in order to avoid disasters", he added. Ijaz Ahmad Qureshi urged the industrial sector to take protective measures for the positive utilisation of chemicals for gaining maximum benefit, without any harmful effects. He further mentioned that legal measures were being taken by the government to minimise the harmful effects of the chemicals. "The Ministry of Environment can act as a catalyst between all the environment-related international agencies and the government organisations to address the problem of environmental hazards caused by the chemicals", he suggested.    The Project Manager of International Co-operation Wing of the Ministry of Environment, Zaheer Gillani, mentioned that the aim of the workshop was to discuss various treaties and obligations and to analyse their mechanism. "Chemicals have contributed a lot for the welfare of mankind and have increased economic development", he observed "But some chemicals once emitted in the air, create toxic matter and are thus dangerous. They cause skin cancer, lungs cancer, nervous disorders and liver inflammation in human beings as well as animals", he further elaborated. Zaheer Gillani emphasised that the harmful chemicals were spread after World War II. "Today, 400 million chemicals are being produced compared to just one million in 1930 that exhibits their extremely rapid growth", he continued.  Further more, he declared that chemicals were building blocks for humans. "They must not be mishandled to avoid diseases", he concluded. The Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Environment, Khizar Hayat Khan, said in his speech that under developed countries were occupied with the issues related to their survival and basic needs.