KARACHI- Nazim Karachi Syed Mustafa Kamal has said that the city government will pull down all the godowns and warehouses constructed at Hawkesbay Road or near the beach as the movement of heavy vehicles and goods carrier in the area was creating problems for citizens while going to beach for recreation. He said this during a detailed visit of the Hawkesbay Beach and adjoining areas. The City Nazim went to different areas of the city including Hawkesbay, Mauripur and nearby Goths during where he met the residents and enquired about their problems. He also issued on the spot directives for resolution of their problems. Nazim Karachi on this occasion said that the Hawkesbay Beach was considered as the most beautiful beach in Pakistan. Everywhere in the world such beaches were developed into great recreation spots to attract more tourists. The Hawkesbay Beach will also be made attractive for the tourists. The road to the beach will be constructed as a beautiful, concrete way while necessary measures will be taken to provide more facilities to visitors at the beach area. The City Nazim also visited Deh Chattara and various Goths of Mochko area. During the meeting with the locals he said that this is the first time in the history of Karachi that the city government has focused the rural areas. The residents of 33 goths in Deh Chattara were deprived of any transportation resources since last 58 years and the locals had no other option but to literally carry the patient and take the 2 day journey on foots to the hospital. During the rains these Goths used to be disconnected from the main city for weeks. City Government has now constructed a 48 km long road here which has also been linked with the Hawkesbay coastal belt on one side and to the Hub Chowki on other side. Now the residents of these Goths have a direct link with the RCD Highway and the travel distance to the city has been reduced to just half an hour. Nazim Karachi said that the construction of a road was the basic need here and it was also their 50 year old demand. The residents will now have other facilities besides the availability of the road including water and power supply, construction of schools and other utilities. On the visit to Mochko the City Nazim directed concerned officials to chalk out a proper plan for the provision of basic facilities to the residents of Goths. He also inspected the development work of the under construction road to link Manghopir with the Superhighway while he also reviewed the work of flyover at the Lyari River. Nazim Karachi said that with the availability of a new road millions of residents of Surjani, Orangi, Manghopir, New Karachi and North Karachi will have a direct link to the Super highway and they would no more required to go to Sohrab Goth first. The new road will be opened for traffic by the next month. Nazim Karachi also inspected the development works of Nagan Chowrangi Flyover and instructed to speed up work so that the project could be completed at in the least possible time.