Our leadership has been exposed yet again. Whereas the public responded to the call of the lawyers in their thousands, braving the fierce summer heat that the Punjab is known for, and being on the road for 48 hours without access to any 'facilities', the people are to be lauded for their ignoring these hardships for the greater cause...the restoration of the judiciary especially Justice Iftikhar Chaudri who is probably the most widely respected of all Pakistani citizens, even though many attempts to smear his character have failed miserably. Chaudhry Aitzaz likewise had emerged as a candidate for any position he may have chosen for himself. For his part the Judge wanted to be restored nothing more, and certainly nothing less. We for our part followed the saga in comfort, courtesy of the TV media, who did a superb job in covering the long march step by sweaty step. The entire country sat glued to their TV screens and our spirits willed for the success of the two Chaudhrys. Aitzaz for his leadership of the movement and the CJ for his role as the stoic icon. The march itself was peaceful, and even though Rahman Malik in a typically bureaucratic mindset ordered containers to be placed on constitution Ave, which were removed on the orders of Asif Zardari, who is proving himself to be the consummate politician, by setting aside exactly these hurdles which are the mischiefs created by the bureaucrat. On Constitution Avenue the speeches were vintage Kurd, Muneer Malik and of course the leader Chaudhry Aitzaz who treated the crowd on the ground and to us in our homes ,through TV to some vintage Aitzaz. The moment was straight out of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar with Marc Anthony rousing the rabble against the Senate. Only this was no rabble but highly educated lawyers, committed to a higher purpose-that of strengthening the judicial system of Pakistan. I must have dozed off for when I awoke every one had gone home. For the spell had been broken. The next day the postmortems and the blame games started. Chaudhry Aitzaz was heard saying that the goal was not a sit-in nor a dharna. Then, pray what was the idea of dragging thousands of people across  Pakistan and then sending them home. After a few fiery speeches? They can hear better at their local Imambarahs. Some spoke of a deal? Who with? Musharraf's guffaws could  be heard echoing across the Margallas, The people had been misled by their leadership on the day. This is typical of our Nation, for it is our leaders who at the key moment are found wanting. With all the fiery talk of 'Send them back to the barracks' March on the Presidency" "Hang Him". This was the turning point in our history, for we were about to shed our accursed slave mentality once and for all and be free. The first step being a free judiciary. They say the movement is not dead and will be started again.-let us see. Meanwhile the best bet is Asif,  for he has till the present moment made all the correct - and successful moves. If only he would override the  concerns for the NRO walas and just restore the Chief Justice..All will then be well. Asif is holding all the cards, and restoring the CJ will be the master stroke, and for all the nay sayers he knows that he has not been touched for the last eight years, who then will move against the defacto Prime Minister? He can then claim to be the single architect of the 'free' judiciary- Now is the moment. Too much  debate is a bad thing. Just get on with it. And the restoration of the Judiciary is too important a matter to be left pending and it must be resolved at the earliest. The young lawyers are extremely angry, and rightly so. For it is these lawyers who are still full of their youthful ideals, and fire. They would like the country to move on, and with this single most important  piece of the jisaw still not place which by itself could unravel the whole political fabric. The young lawyers have shown their commitment and their willingness to respond to a call -it is the leadership that suddenly went missing. The writer is a political analyst