New York Times has reported on February, 2008, that American government has reached a 'quiet' agreement with Pakistan to step up secret air strikes against suspected terrorists. The report further said that the strikes would use pilot-less predator aircrafts for the attacks. Is this not an agreement to surrender and curtail our sovereignty? There is no difference between attacking our areas by rockets or by pilot-less aircrafts. The government has agreed to let the country suffer from unilateral air strikes by a foreign power, something it has always refuted. Our government has bowed down to the US, which is a matter of great shame. A nation is respected if its leaders take decisions keeping in view its self-respect, dignity and honor. It is disrespected if the decision makers take decisions that are below the dignity and self-respect of the nation. Unfortunately our rulers have been taking the sort of decisions that are below the dignity, self-respect and honour of Pakistan. That is why respect for us has decreased worldwide. The new leadership should show some backbone and must take a firm stand on all national issues keeping in mind our dignity and honour. -SAJID ANSARI, Karachi, via e-mail, June 5.