KARACHI - A ten-member ICC delegation was here on a routine visit to inspect facilities including the security of teams and the venues ahead of the competition, said the media manager of the Dubai based ICC Sami ul Hasan. The ICC official of Pakistani origin said it would be totally wrong to take the current visit as Pakistan-targeted because it had been the routine and standard practice for the ICC to visit countries who had been allotted ICC events. When South Africa and the West Indies hosted World Cups, the same procedure was adopted, and a number of ICC inspection teams visited those countries, he said. Security arrangements at the venues and for the teams were just one part that the visiting ICC delegations discussed and inspected during the visits to any country in the world. There were a number of other issues that were also discussed with the host boards. Other issues that were discussed in a routinely manner were accommodation of the teams, dressing room facilities, arrangements for the spectators and various other kinds of the facilities available at the match venues. During the current visit the ICC delegation went and inspected arrangements at the ICC Champions Trophy venues in Pakistan at Rawalpindi and Gaddafi stadium Lahore before coming over to Karachi, he said. He said inspection of facilities for the ICC Trophies all over the world started long before the events actually start. For example England would host the T20 world Cup in the middle of next year but the ICC inspections teams would start visiting England from July this year and would continue to visit that country time to time until the event start. The ICC Champions Trophy in Pakistan would be held later this year and the ICC teams would continue to come to Pakistan. Its next visit would be in about two month's time. During its two and half-hours stay the members of the ICC inspection team visited many areas of the stadium and met the National stadium officials.