ISLAMABAD - The Foreign Office on Friday denied that any "foreigner" has access to Pakistan's nuclear blueprints. The reaction by Foreign Office came in response to media reports that a network led by Pakistan's former top nuclear scientist Dr AQ Khan might have given nuclear weapon plans to Iran and Libya. According to reports, officials in Switzerland discovered the electronic design for a bomb among material seized from 'some of Dr Khan's top lieutenants, a Swiss family called the Tinners'. "Some sections of media have carried a news item that the nuclear bomb design in digital format, which was in the possession of the Tinners of Switzerland, was similar to Pakistani design provided by Dr AQ Khan. This conjecture is surprising as no foreigner has any access to Pakistan's nuclear designs," said the Foreign Office spokesman Muhammad Sadiq. "It is not understood how anyone could reach such a conclusion.  The entire story raised a number of questions. If Tinners' files have relevance to Dr AQ Khan, why they were destroyed. The files should have been shared with Pakistan, if they were genuine and relevant to Dr AQ Khan," he said. He said that Dr AQ Khan's case was closed, as he did not have any official status and in no manner whatsoever he could indulge in nuclear proliferation. "All relevant information of the case has already been shared with the IAEA and there is no new development in this context," Sadiq said.