LAHORE - There was no significant increase in the budget allocation on education in the backdrop of current inflationary trend although it was 43 per cent more than the previous year, said the speakers at a meeting organised by Pakistan National Forum on budget 2008-09 on education and the need. The speakers also expressed concern over the plight of teachers and the public sector schools which continued to be neglected and hence no breakthrough in progress on education could be visualised. Col Ikramullah Khan introduced the topic and the budget allocated for the purpose of education. Dr Aisha who presided over the meeting said that uniformity of curriculum, decrease in local government funds in education, student/teacher ratio, transformation of elementary to tertiary education, rural urban biases and district wise disparity in education, lack of commitment by the civil society and non accountability were the major problems. But she said as a whole there was some improvement in education and the posh private institutions are being built in lower urban localities and rural areas. Editor The Pakistan Mujib-ur-Rehman Shami said that class based system of education have ruined our fabric. The private schools attract students on better facilities instead of imparting real education. They borrow curriculum and do not have their own curriculum to teach. He paid tributes to Mahathir Mohammad of Malaysia who gave a vision in education of his country and lived as a legend. Rana Ijaz Ahmad Khan said that neither the political governments in the past had the will to bring a change in education sector nor they had adequate commitment in their manifesto. He said the defence budget could be curtailed as Pakistan had no threat in the presence of nuclear capability. Columnist Hasan Nisar said the ummah including Pakistan should set priorities on education and research and be united. He said the problems were due to disunity. Punjab Information Secretary Orya Maqbool Jan said that there was chaos and confusion due to class based education. He deplored that a teacher gets salary equal to a peon. He said the revolution would come when ministers' children will study in government schools. Prof Dr Ahsan Akhtar Naz of Institute of Communication Studies, Punjab University said that education was top priority of the successive governments. He said the plight of elementary education was deplorable and the private institutions and academies were flourishing causing multiple problems. Prof M Sharif Malik, ex-EDO said there was need for a movement for the revival of education. He said the lack of political will and implementation and timely release of funds hampered the education development.   Workshop Nazria Pakistan Trust convened a meeting and training workshop of teachers of Nazriati Summer School scheduled to commence from June 24. Vice chairman Dr Rafique Ahmad, secretary Shahid Rashid, addl secretary Rafaqat Riaz and research scholars Prof Dr Sarfraz Hussain Mirza, Prof Mohammad Muzazffar Mirza and Prof Hanif Shahid briefed the teachers. Water purification plant set up Kainat Foundation has set up a water purification plant at village Kamanwala, Sialkot to provide clean drinking water to the inhabitants of the area. Chairman of the foundation Sheikh Zahid Hameed set up the plant without any government help under the voluntary welfare programme of the Kainat Foundation. This is a third water purification plant by the foundation in suburbs of the district. The formal opening will be held today at 9 am. DCO and DPO Sialkot will be guests of honour.