Pakistan Standard Time (PST) is set at 5 hours ahead of GMT for the reason that Pakistan lies east of Greenwich and is approximately 75 longitudes away. This location defines the PST. Depending upon local conditions any country can decide to change its time to suit its own requirements. However, the time based on geogr-aphical conditions and fixed as a standard time of a country does not and should not change. Like in England, local time keeps on changing during the year but GMT remains the same. Therefore the Pakistan Standard Time is not supposed to change. The new time i.e. one hour ahead of previous time should not be called PST but Pakistan Time or still better 'local' time. In this context, it can be said that time in Pakistan now i.e. the local time is one hour ahead of Pakistan Standard Time. PTV or Radio Pakistan should use the word local time and not PST while giving the time of specific programmes. -MOHAMMAD AKRAM BHAUR, Bahawalpur, via e-mail, June 11.