KARACHI - The Sindh government has not fully incorporated the proposals in FY2008-09 budget, the PPP had floated in FY2007-08 (when it was in the opposition) to enhance funds for social, education, health and agriculture sectors. Details obtained by The Nation showed that in the previous budget the PPP leaders raised a hue and cry over poor allocations for the above-mentioned sectors. However, in the new budget the PPP government has also ignored its own proposals and allocated less than expected funds for these sectors. Criticising the then provincial government, the PPP pointed out in the proposals that Sindh had been spending too much on current revenue expenditure and the party demanded a cut in these expenditures to a reasonable degree.  According to budget documents, rather than deducting the revenue expenditure, the PPP government has increased the revenue expenditure to Rs180.987 billion for FY2008-09 from outgoing fiscal 2007-08 expenditure of Rs163.862 billion. Meanwhile, in the last budget the PPP had proposed that there should be a ban on purchase of luxury items like air-conditioners, generators and assets such as furniture and fixtures, but this year the provincial government has overlooked this aspect. "The per capita current revenue expenditure in Sindh, had reached almost Rs.5,600/- whereas in Punjab it amounted to Rs.3,800" the PPP had observed and suggested that a cut be made so that the per capita revenue expenditure is reduced by 50%, to Rs.2,800. In 2007-08, the PPP had proposed that the allocation for Education should be around Rs.96 billion and Rs96 billion for health but the party did not reflect this ambition in its own budget for 2008-09. Similarly, in FY08, the PPP had suggested the agriculture budget be increased to Rs.25 billion from existing Rs 2.5 billion, Irrigation Department Rs 30 billion, Rs20 billion for Infrastructure Development and Rs l billion for Women Development. In the new budget, the provincial government has given far less to these areas than its own demands, raised in FY07 budget. The PPP also suggested that the provincial law and order/police budget that was at Rs 17 billion in FY07 be kept at the same level in FY08. But the previous government raised this budget to Rs 19 billion.  However, following the footsteps of the predecessors, the PPP government in Sindh had also raised this budget to Rs 21 billion. Interestingly, the PPP strongly opposed protocol for the government functionaries in the last budget, but completely overlooked it in the new budget. In the previous budget the PPP raised alarm over the unfair distribution of resources in the NFC Awards, but announced the new budget with a request to the centre to revise the NFC Awards. PPP had proposed National Finance Commission Award to provide maximum benefit to all the Provinces and said that divisible pool of the award be consisted of Taxes on income, Capital value tax and Customs duty. The collection charges for the above taxes shall be 2 percent and the divisible pool will be shared by the Federation and Provinces in the ratio of 15:85 respectively. While the horizontal sharing between the Provinces -shall be on formula on multiple criteria under which Population will get 90 per cent weightage, Revenue Collection 5 percent and Geographical difficulties 5 percent.  PPP proposals had recommended the Sales tax and Excise duty would be collected and retained by the provinces.  In view of the above formula of distribution of resources, the PPP calculated the total federal divisible pool taxes amounts at Rs.548.5b (in FY2007-08) while after deducting 2pc collection charges, the net divisible pool would be Rs.537.53b and the share of the Provinces will be Rs.456.9b.