There is nothing in the package presented by Mr. Zardari. The package in reality is a targeted hit at the deposed Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry because it sets the tenure of the CJ at three years. As for guarantees against a coup, our constitutional history proves that no matter what legal guaranties are provided by the constitution, they don't work at the time of a coup. It took Ayub Khan, Yahyha Khan, Zia and Musharraf minutes to abrogate 1956, 1962 and 1973 constitutions respectively. How can a mere legal package guarantee that nothing of the sort would happen in future? One obscurantist dictator of this country had once remarked, "What is constitution? It is nothing more than a piece of paper which I can shred to pieces in minutes". Even though an article of the 1973 constitution has proscribed take over of the elected government by the army saying the violator would be executed, no one has ever been tried for this. A bunch of opportunist politicians are always ready to serve the army rulers in the event of a coup but Mr Zardari's package does not contain any clause to punish these politicians. -ZAHID M. KHAN GISHKORI, via e-mail, June 9.