With the ushering in of democracy, the politicians are criticizing the steps taken during the nine years of Musharraf's tenure in power. Constructive criticism is justified but to say that no development took place during that time is an unfair statement. Credit should be given where due. Nine years ago, Pakistan was not being taken seriously by the international community. One should not forget that it was the army, and not Musharraf, who took over the country through the unconstitutional action. Development has indeed taken place. Firstly, the media now has a lot more freedom than it had during the period between 1988-1999. New television channels have opened up. There has been unprecedented growth in the telecommunication and banking sector. New universities have been opened. The transportation sector has developed with making of the new roads and construction of the Gwadar port. Women have been empowered as well. In addition to this, key decisions were taken in the field of foreign policy including the decision after 9/11 and negotiations with India. -SARDAR ALI, Peshawar, via e-mail, June 5.