LAHORE - The government should withdraw the proposal to remove subsidy in the electricity bills in the federal budget, increase allocations on human capital and take steps to control price hike. General Secretary, Pakistan Workers Federation, Khurshid Ahmed said while addressing a press conference at Bukhtiar Labour Hall here on Friday. President PWC Ch.Tablib Nawaz, Osama Tariq, Ijaz ul Haq and other labour leaders were also present. "A national economic self reliance policy should be launched to provide employment to the youth and workforce entering Labour Market @ 1.5 million every year and allocate adequate resources for Human Capital Development", Khurshid said. He said that the supply of electricity to the industrial, consumers is must to compete in the global market and generate employment opportunities. He also demanded raise in the minimum wages of semi skilled, skilled and supervisory staff in commensurate with price hike, restoration of the facilities of selection grade and Move Over to the workers engaged in the public sector. The labour leaders also demanded amendment in Labour Laws including 7th wage Board Award for the journalists.