Drug-peddling goes unnoticed amid police slumber

VEHARI-Besides enhancing their business, drug-peddlers now have involved in anti-social activities like theft and robbery allegedly under the nose of police.
According to the report of a survey, residents of different areas said that drug-peddling has been going on unchecked and unnoticed in the jurisdiction of City Police. They said that due to the indifference of the authorities concerned, the drug-peddlers are overtly doing their business while the police seem least bothered to take action against them. They informed that a notorious drug-lord, apprehended by the Anti-Narcotics Force for drug-peddling, has been released and selling drugs in the area allegedly under the nose of the City Police SHO. The residents of People’s Colony, Faisal Town, and Sheikh Cotton area expressed grave concerns over the growing business of drugs and increasing number of drug-addicts in the remit of City Police. They said that women and children do not feel safe at all while passing through streets as the drug-addicts keep wandering in the streets especially in People’s Colony area, adding that the drug-pushers have also involved in anti-social activities like theft and robberies.
They said despite repeated applications, the City Police even did bother to respond to the applications. They pointed out though the police took action against the culprits, the criminals enjoy patronage of police officers who keep them safe from any action. The residents demanded the RPO and DPO to take notice of the grave situation and launched a ruthless crackdown on drug-pushers and anti-social elements. When contacted, PSO to DPO Rao Faisal said that since appointment of DPO Ghazi Salahuddin, the police have been taking action against the culprits. He pledged that the operation will continue till elimination of the outlaws from the area, adding that all the officers have been directed to eliminate drug-dens from their jurisdiction. “The police also arrested many of the drug-peddlers and recovered huge amount of liquor and other contrabands from their possession,” he claimed.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt