Balochistan government presented a deficit budget with a total outlay of Rs. 612.79 billion on Tuesday evening.

It is pertinent to note that the budget session began with a delay of three hours over differences within the coalition government.

The session has been chaired by Deputy Speaker Balochistan Assembly, Sardar Babar Musakhail.

Sardar Abdul Rehman Khetran, the Finance Minister of Balochistan presented the budget for the financial year 2022-23. The provincial government allocated Rs.367 billion for non-development expenditures for the financial year 2022-23.

Public Sector Development Program (PSDP)

For the PSDP, the government has allocated Rs.191.51 billion. The government has also increased the salaries of government employees by 15 percent on their basic salaries as of 2017. Sardar Khetran also informed that the government has increased pension by 15 percent.

Health Sector

The government has allocated Rs.43.814 billion for the health sector in Balochistan. It is to note that, last year, the government allocated Rs.40.362 billion for the health sector.

Adding to that, a total of Rs.6.60 billion have been allocated to provide free medicines to needy patients.

Education Sector

Sardar Khetran mentioned that the government has allocated Rs.83.211 for the education sector in Balochistan. During 2021-22, the government allocated Rs.70.263 for the education sector.

Law and Order

The finance minister informed that the government has allocated Rs.56.00 for the law and order/public order and safety affairs. Last year, the government allocated Rs.49.778 for the law and order in Balochistan.

While, presenting the budget, Sardar Khetran informed that the provincial government would get Rs. 370.33 billion from the federal government under the National Finance Commission (NFC) award. The budget deficit is declared over Rs.72 billion.

Mr. Khetran stated that the province would get Rs. 14.36 billion from the foreign support fund and Rs.40 billion on the account of the Sui Gas lease. The government has given priority to the education and health sectors. The Finance

Minister announced that Rs.6.60 billion were allocated for the provision of medicines to patients across Balochistan.

Job Opportunities

The government has announced a total of 2,850 vacancies for the year 2022-23 to provide jobs to the unemployed people in Balochistan. Most of the jobs have been created in the health and education sectors.