ISLAMABAD - To stop a prevailing policy of injecting government employees in the General Waiting List (GWL) for the allotment of government residences on case to case bases, the estate office has called all such applications once for all through a public notice.

At present all the government accommodations are allotted to the employees of the federal government according to a General Waiting List, prepared on the orders of the Supreme Court. GWL is a list showing seniority of the government employees for the allotment of an accommodation, which was prepared on the bases of the date of application, given by any individual for the allotment of government residence against an authorised category.

The apex court in its orders had restricted the Ministry of Housing and Works from deviating from said GWL and even the minister in charge cannot give a house to anybody by ignoring the seniority.

However, the successive managements to favour blue eyed officers tried to mould the rules and allotted the government residences by ignoring GWL. For instance, about a hundred government houses were designated against the post instead of the person.

The previous government had regularised such designation of houses already done but also put a ban to designate any house in future.

Meanwhile, there was another practice to get seniority on GWL in which the government employees filed a grievance and claimed that they had submitted the application for allotment of government residence but even then their names were not listed.

MoHW forms restoration committee to scrutinise all housing applications and decide on merit

These applications were coming from time to time and decided accordingly after verification of the relevant record. However, sources told that there were some complaints of alleged favouritism in said practice. Therefore, the Ministry of Housing and Works (MoHW) has decided to stop this practice as well and through a public notice invited such applications once for all and announced a cut off date in this regard.

“All eligible federal government servants who had applied for government accommodation but their names are not appearing in the GWL are requested to apply for restoration of their seniority list in GWL along with supporting documents within next fifteen days,” the notice reads, warning; “After which no request for restoration of seniority will be considered.”

A restoration committee has also been constituted by the Ministry of Housing and Works to scrutinise all the applications and decide on merit but once for all.

The government servants largely welcomed the move as they considered that there were some irregularities in the process of the restoration and it was not fully transparent.

It is pertinent to mention here that the GWL consists of more than 30,000 government employees, who are waiting for government accommodations but the number of houses becoming vacant is very limited.