LAHORE   -   Chaudhary Aurangzaib, chairman Tehreek-e-Etihad, on Monday led a protest rally condemning BJP member’s blasphemous remarks. Only recently, Nupur Sharma, the national spokeswoman of Indian ruling party Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) made derogatory comments against Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh), causing an uproar in the Muslim community across the globe. The outrage has given rise to protest rallies and bans against the India by numerous Muslim countries. Chairman of the rising political party, Pakistan

Aurangzaib has called for a protest against the atrocious act of religious intolerance by BJP’s member. He has been known to take the initiative of producing documentaries on Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). His foundation “Blessings for All” is working to spread the compassionate teachings of the Prophet. On June 12th, Aurangzaib led a protest rally from his Constituency NA-143, denouncing the act of Tauheen-e-Risalat by the BJP. “If we remain silent today at this outrageous act of blasphemy then we’ll lose our integrity not just as Pakistanis but Muslims as well,” he said.