ISLAMABAD     -   Sikhs for Justice (SFJ), on Monday, while condemning the terrorist attack on Kabul Gurdwara, Afghanistan, said that in India since 1955, attacks on Sikh Gurdwaras had always been Indian “state sponsored”.

SFJ General Counsel Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, in his audio video message, also called upon the Sikh community to support Khalistan referendum to create a Sikh homeland in Indian occupied Punjab.

He declared that once Sikhs had Khalistan, all those involved in non-state and state terrorism against Sikhs would be held accountable under the international laws.

The SFJ leader said now it was the time when Sikh bodies like SGPC, DSGMC instead of pleading Modi’s regime for help, should openly support and promote 26 January next year voting for Khalistan referendum in India.

After announcement of SFJ movement, according to media reports, Sikhs were being targeted across the world. The Indian notorious spy agency RAW has been active in entire Europe and running a propaganda campaigns in the US and West to weaken ‘Khalistan movement’.

In this connection, arrests of Novjot Sidhu, the former Indian cricketer turned politician, along with other Sikh leaders were made. The target killing of Sikh performers like Sidhu Moosewala and various vindictive steps against Sikh farmer leaders were part of that campaign.

These media reports revealed that due to its strong links with Daesh, a terrorist outfit, RAW was also continuously targeting the Sikh community in Afghanistan.

From investigations, it was established that Indian nationals had been involved in different blasts in Afghanistan. These reports further said the main objective of the RAW was to create an environment of terror among the Sikhs, so that they could shun their Khalistan movement.

Such like attacks against Sikhs would continue till they acceded to Hindu supremacy, abandon their demand for Khalistan and became a part of Akhand India, it was added.