I do not know why we are living in such a messy style with no discipline, no feelings, no tolerance, no sympathy and if we get sympathy for someone we get that only for a shorter period, we feel others’ problems for a little time and after a while, we become busy in our own lives and forget every pain of others. How we are living? We are just breathing but not living. We do everything just to breathe, we get an education to earn money only but not to wash our minds which are full of messy thoughts and negativities. We earn to fill our empty stomachs but not to help others.

Have we ever realized that our lives are too short and how our days are being spent in just the blink of an eye? Everybody wants peace but none wants to give it to others.

We want everything done perfectly but never ever try to do it for others. We always say we are busy, we do not have enough time to do any other activity, but the same time was given to great heroes who have done something great for humanity.

We have become Ill-disciplined, we waste our precious time scrolling social media but do not get time for others.

We the most advanced human beings have become everything-conscious. We have become colour-conscious, brand-conscious, age-conscious and sect-conscious. Our minds have become dummies, our thoughts have become dull, and our feelings have been lost. We find our feelings to be felt only when something hits hardly to us when we get pain when we suffer.

We have started corruption, injustice, inequality, and honour killing. We think we have become the most advanced human beings, but if we stare at our most advanced human beings, we will come to know what kind of advancement we have got. When we look at our inner side, we will realize we are no more those humans who have been created by Almighty Allah the most delicate being. We are no more the real humans cause real humans have been lost many decades ago, now we are just dummies having only a body but no feelings and a dead soul.