PPP leader slams PML-N statements

LAHORE   -   Secretary General Pakistan Peoples Party Central Punjab Syed Hassan Murtaza on Thursday said that today if PML ( N) is in government it is because of PPP.

While addressing a press conference along with Information Secretary Shehzad Saeed Cheema, Murtaza said PPP has severe reservations on the budget and the Defamation Bill. He said PPP supported PML (N) for strengthening democracy and country. The governor and speaker had agreed to address the reservations about the Defamation together.

It is not correct to accuse the People’s Party. Murtaza said PML-N had not learnt any thing from past. It is on record that  in the past, the N-League has attacked Lesco, Fesco, and Pepco.  The People’s Party has severe reservations about the statements of N-League leaders.

Murtaza demanded that those responsible for importing court should brought to justice. Earlier in a video message General Secretary Hassan Murtaza while responding to the statement of PML (N) leader Hanif Abbasi said that PML-N is in power due to the support of Pakistan Peoples Party. Hassan Murtaza said seventy three members of Pakistan Peoples Party in National Assembly are life line of PML-N government. He also said if PPP don’t extend its support all the leadership of PML-N is in jails. He said after minussing PPP you will not be in Prime Minister House but you will be in Adiala jail.

Murtaza warned that Hanif Abbasi should stop fueling politics of division and chaos. He has previously made reprehensible political statements against Shaheed Bhutto.  He asked PML-N leadership that they should discourage Hanif Abbasi-like elements within their ranks. Peoples Party believes in parliamentary democracy and politics of reconciliation.

Hassan Murtaza also warned that anyone who makes derogatory statements against Peoples Party leadership in the future will receive a befitting response.