Value-added textile sector for sticking to 35m kg yarn export

KARACHI (APP) - All associations of value-added textile sector on Saturday urged the Government to strictly maintain the benchmark of monthly cotton yarn export to 35 million kilograms to avert serious crisis to value-added sector which is already facing high pressure to survive. Chairman, Pakistan Apparel Forum Muhammad Jawed Bilwani along with Chairmen of various other associations from value- added sector, in a press conference at Pakistan Hosiery Manufacturers and Exporters Association (PHMA) House here said It will be very harmful for textile industry if cotton yarn export is allowed beyond the fixed monthly quota of 35 million Kgs. They urged that the Government should also hear the value- added sector which is the backbone of textile industry so that decisions can be taken in the best national interest. They regretted that certain sections of textile industry were presenting a wrong picture and undermining the role of value-adding sector which is the major foreign exchange earner and job providing sector of the national economy. If value-adding sector units are compelled to close down or cut down their operations, there will be large scale un-employment leading to law and order situation in the country. M. Jawed Bilwani said that value-addition is the only recipe to increase the countrys exports. He cited the example of Bangladesh whose textile exports last year figured more than dollars 14 billion, while our textile exports were $ 10 billion. Bangladesh earns a big amount of foreign exchange by value-addition, despite the fact that not a single kilogramme of cotton is grown there. Bangladesh started with setting up stitching units and moved to cotton processing and knitting units. Spinning units were set up in the last. Pakistan has to review the policy/ strategy for taking due benefit of the huge potential of our value-adding sector of textile industry. He said if the capping of cotton yarn exports is maintained, even then textile mills can earn 25 to 30 pc profit. The leaders of value-adding sector demanded that this capping be maintained at least for next three months for the survival of this very important segment of textile industry, which is the sole leader in the countrys exports.

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