ISLAMABAD - Directorate of Archeology and Museums, KP (DOAM) is all set to preserve various archeological sites of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa including Takht-i-Bai, Amluk Dara, a Buddhist site at Swat Valley and several in other provinces aiming to promote traditional heritage of the country.

Talking to APP, official of DOAM Mehmood Raza said, “Archaeological conservation is a profession devoted to the preservation of the archaeological record including large-scale features such as sites, structures, landscapes as well as artifacts.”

He said archaeological remains are found throughout the country in areas of past and current human habitation. Archaeological explorations uncover artifacts found in wide-ranging places, from objects buried deep under the sea and in the most extreme environments that humans have explored.

Raza further informed that excavation allows us to learn a great deal about the history through studying archaeological remains and their context, exposing artifacts that have been buried can cause rapid and irreversible deterioration.