President Alvi for collective efforts for continuity of democracy in country

KARACHI    -    President Arif Alvi on Monday said the legal fraternity played an important role in the restoration of the judiciary in the country. Addressing as a chief guest at a seminar on the Rule of Law at the Sindh Governor House, the pres­ident said this was high time to make collective efforts for the maintenance of democracy by reducing anarchy and giving importance to the court orders. 

He said no country could progress without the rule of law and democra­cy. Arif Alvi said, “We shouldn’t avoid any sacrifice needed for the mainte­nance of democracy in the country.” 

The president said for the imple­mentation of rule of law consulta­tion was a must but unimportant factors were the barriers in the pro­cess of consultation. He appealed to the people to avoid violence and con­flicts to ensure the survival of democ­racy in the country. 

Arif Alvi said the lawyers had a very important role to play in the conti­nuity of the democratic process and implementation of rule of law with its spirit. He said Pakistan was founded with the democratic process and its progress was only possible through the continuity of democracy.

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