Turning cigarettes into relics

KARACHI       -       Recent years have brought about technological advancements at an unprecedented pace, with massive innovations in every sector of the economy.

Similarly, scientists around the world have developed invaluable technologies when it comes to finding solutions to problems like smoking that affect sizable portions of global societies. It is estimated that one in ten people die from cigarette smoking every day and that number is showing no signs of slowing down. It is agreed upon by scientists and innovators around the world that the greater the number of people who choose smoking alternatives, the bigger the impact on global public health goals. For that reason, innovation in the field has led to the development of smokefree substitutes that are a lot less harmful than continuing to smoke. These are products like Electronic Cigarettes, vapes, heated tobacco products, or even nicotine pouches. These innovative breakthroughs are increasingly being used by more people around the world to eliminate smoking and bring about lasting change.

A number of peer-reviewed studies have found a direct correlation between the popularity of less harmful alternatives and fewer hospitalisations from smoking-related diseases. In 2018, the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment found that new alternatives to smoking, like the ones mentioned above, generally hold 80 - 99% less toxicants than their counterpart. As Pakistan embarks on its journey to bring down the number of smokers, it is important to keep in mind the opportunity that comes with the introduction of better options. If the country’s current direction in smoking regulation is complemented with adequate awareness measures for the masses, then cigarettes can truly be a thing of the past.

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