Diverse audience gather at Metrix Youth Summit 2024

PESHAWAR  -  The Metrix Youth Summit 2024, a collaborative initiative between the Directorate of Youth Affairs Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Metrix Pakistan, ignited a fervor of innovation and empowerment in Haripur. Hosted at the Haripur Tehsil Municipal Hall, the event gathered a diverse audience comprising students, government of­ficials, entrepreneurs, and freelanc­ers, fostering dialogue and exchange of ideas. Esteemed speakers from renowned organizations including Microsoft, RankingGrow, Giga devel­opers, and Metrix Pakistan graced the summit, sharing their expertise and vision. Notable luminaries such as Ammad Ali, CEO of RankingGrow, Has­san Nisar, Founder and CEO of Metrix Pakistan, and Raja Ahmed from Mi­crosoft, captivated the audience with insights into youth empowerment and entrepreneurship.

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