Barrister Ali Zafar on Thursday, stated that in accordance with the law, it is possible to reinvestigate Hudaibiya Papers Mills case.

Zafar had a detailed consultation with the Attorney General Khalid Jawed Khan and Prime Minister's accountability adviser Shahzad Akbar, earlier today. He stated that in Hudaibiya Papers Mills case no trial was held, and can be re-filed if substantial evidence emerges. 

Barrister Ali Zaffar clarified that there wasn't any involvement of him in the Hudaibiya case.

He further suggested that things pertaining to Jahangir Tareen's inquiry would soon be declared. 

He said that when allegations of corruption came to light in the Ring Road project, the government took an immediate action to ensure accountability. He appreciated the prompt action of the government. 

Shahzad Akbar on the other hand stated that in order to re-open Hudaibiya case, government must convince and satisfy court by providing substantial evidences.  

The process of investigation would then lead to accountability, he further added.