Deforestation in Changa Manga  

Changa Manga is the largest man-made forest in Pakistan, covering an area of 12,560 acres and boasting a great diversity of plants and animals. This forest produces some of the finest timber in the world. Its favorable location includes a park that provides opportunities for recreation and relaxation amidst the forest.

However, this forest has been facing illegal logging for many years, which poses a danger to our society and wildlife. Several reasons contribute to this problem. Politically influential individuals disregard laws and cut down the forest for their own needs. 

Additionally, inadequate security measures pose a significant challenge to the forest’s survival. Insufficient security facilities are available to prevent unauthorized logging and the killing of wildlife through illegal hunting. As a result, some species are rapidly approaching endangerment, which is highly detrimental to wildlife. Furthermore, the forest lacks a boundary wall, allowing people from all around to easily enter and potentially harm trees or animals.

It is imperative to establish proper laws that apply equally to everyone, regardless of their political status. Adequate security measures should be implemented, providing sufficient facilities to the security staff for day and night patrols.

The government should expedite the construction of the boundary wall, as the current progress is slow and leaves the forest vulnerable to damage inflicted by society until its completion.


Ellah Abad.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt