Contempt petition moved against PTI's Raoof Hasan, Shoaib Shaheen in Supreme Court

A contempt of court petition has been filed in the Supreme Court against PTI Information Secretary Raoof Hassan and party spokesperson Shoaib Shaheen

Advocate Mian Dawood filed the contempt of court petition in the Supreme Court on Tuesday. Raoof Hassan and Shoaib Shaheen have been named as parties in the petition. 

The petitioner attached transcripts of Raoof Hassan and Shoaib Shaheen's interviews with the petition. 

"PTI is systematically scandalising the judiciary," claims Advocate Mian Dawood. 

Both the PTI leaders used inappropriate language against Islamabad High Court Chief Justice Aamer Farooq, said the petitioner.

Raoof Hassan's statement calling the IHC chief justice a 'tout' was an act of scandalising the judiciary, claims the petitioner. 

The statements of PTI leaders violate Article 204 of the Constitution, he claims. 

The petitioner also claims that the Supreme Court did not proceed with contempt of court action against Imran Khan. Failure to act against Imran Khan has encouraged the PTI to make contemptuous statements, the petitioner argues. 

In the past, the Supreme Court had sentenced politicians for scandalising judges, the petitioner notes.

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