Heatwave: Punjab likely to shut schools from May 25

Temperature in Lahore soars to 43.7°C

LAHORE   -   The city continued to endure a heatwave on Monday as temperatures soared to 43.7°C.

With temperatures expected to soar due to an impending heatwave, the government of Punjab has decided to close all public and private schools in the province from May 25 to May 31 in order to ensure the safety of students.

The MET office has warned of a further rise in temperatures, predicting an increase of 4 to 6°C above normal in Sindh and Punjab from May 21st to 23rd, and an increase of 6 to 8°C from May 23rd to 27th. Additionally, they forecast that daytime temperatures in Islamabad, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Kashmir, Gilgit-Baltistan, and Balochistan will remain 4 to 6°C above normal from May 21st to 27th.

According to MET officials, continental air is prevailing over most parts of the country, resulting in mainly hot and dry weather across most regions, with very hot conditions expected in central and southern areas. Rainfall was recorded in Parachinar, Kalam, Bagrote, Gilgit, Bunji, and Hunza.

The highest temperature on Monday was observed in Sibbi at 48°C, while Lahore experienced a high of 43.7°C and a low of 27.6°C.

Later in the afternoon and evening, scattered rain occurred in the city, though the weather remained partly cloudy and hot. The MET officials indicated that more scattered rain events might happen due to locally developed weather systems.

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