New security system ensures safety on Margalla Trails

ISLAMABAD   -  A newly established security system for Margalla Trails is actively providing a safe environment for visitors, with 60 patrolling officers rescuing citizens who are lost or in need of medical assistance, said Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Abdullah Shahriyar on Monday.

Talking to PTV news channel, he said a dedicated force of police officers patrols the Margalla Trails around the clock. This unit was formed to protect people on the trails and consists of foot patrols, motorcycle patrols, and horsemen. He highlighted that the initiative was a historic step by Federal Minister for Interior Mohsin Naqvi. The unit ensures immediate assistance in case of lost visitors or emergencies, with officers present 24 hours a day. Islamabad Police will take additional measures to enhance field patrolling in their beat areas, ensuring crime prevention, protection from animals, and the safety of citizens.

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